Thank you so much for repairing and re-ribboning my fans. They arrived
safely today. You did excellent work on the two re-ribboned fans: Both
of them preserve the images on the fans beautifully. I like the red
ribbon on the WIFE fan.
I am amazed that you were able to make the small Edwardian fan whole
again. It was in pieces. I have had it for over 30 years: My late Aunt
Leone from Portland, Oregon (who got me started with fans when I was a
child c1959) gave it to me in that condition and it has been tucked
away ever since. I never thought it would come back to life.
Also, thank you for the beautiful work you did on my Cinderella fan. It
too, is in great condition now.
Thank you, Betsy, so much. I will sing your praises to anyone looking for
a fan restorer!!
From Tracy Winkler (Wednesday March 23, 2005)

Betsy has enabled me to have peace of mind when it comes to my fan restorations and framing.  Her exceptional ability, savvy and patience have turned several of my damaged fans back to looking like timeless works of art I'm proud to display.   In a world where pride of workmanship seems to be fading, Betsy stands tall!  The fan world has safe harbor in Betsy's capable hands.
You truly are FANtastic, Lisa Moreno

I am very pleased to recommend Betsy Smith's fan restoration skills.  Recently, I had purchased two Jolivet fans, which were damaged by UPS in transit.  I sent these fans to Betsy who did a fabulous restoration on both fans.  I would highly recommend Betsy Smith to every fan collector.
Marjorie Kaiser Badger

Our FANA member Betsy Smith is our number one fan repairer and restorer.  She learned her craft throughout her lifetime of collecting and also from Sandra Lawrence of El Sobrante,
Linda Rousseau

I LOVE  THE FAN!!!! I think the
client will be very pleased.
We are so thrilled to have a trusted fan restorer
on our referral list.
Thank you very much, Karen from Venerable Classics, Master Restorations of Fine Arts
Betsy Smith does professional, museum quality framing and restoration of fans. I have seen magnificent fans she has restored. One arrived as crumbs and shreds. When her work was complete, I saw no evidence of the previous damages, even though as a lacemaker, I am accustomed to examining extreme fine detail. I can heartily recommend her careful attention to preservation of the most fragile and rare fans, and her artist's eye to choice of color of backgrounds to enhance the beauty of the fan. She attends to the structural integrity and display stresses of the fans within the frames, and uses archival materials. I am very pleased with the restorations she has done for my fans. She is an honest businesswoman, and an asset to the fan collector community.
Kate Henry
40yrs lacemaker

I have entrusted the restoration of some extremely rare and badly damaged fans to Betsy.  Having had some experience in repairs myself, as well as having contracted with other persons to restore other fans in the family collection, the artistic and masterful work performed by Betsy is of such a quality that only an extremely close inspection reveals her skill.
I have found her to be honest and completely above-board, passionate about her work and trustworthy.
Stephen M Koster
Member of Fan Association of America since 1981.
Betsy Smith restored my fans in a timely manner and with great and
sensitive skill. I   can recommend her work without reservation. 
Hurray for Betsy !!!  Pam Sher, Founder,  Hand Fan Museum, Healdsburg, CA

Betsy Smith is a very competent fan restorer. She has the hands of a Head Surgical Nurse and does the finest work I've ever seen. She's also innovative. She has come up with new and novel ways of mending fans. I've learned a lot from her! She is smart, knowledgeable and honest. Attributes that are difficult to find all in one package these days. I highly recommend Betsy for any fan work there is to be done.
Sandra Lawrence
Thank you to all my friends
Hand Fan Restoration, Framing, and Appraisals,  and Liquidations
Betsy Smith is more than a fan restorer - she is a magician.  I sent several lace fans in various states of snapped sticks, broken and/or missing guards, and ripped lace to her for restoration. I was sure that some were irrepairable and only hoped that they would again be able to open and close properly. Betsy somehow meticulously restored my fans so that I could barely recognize them. The repairs are practically invisible; every fan can be opened and closed and each is whole again. (And I know that they had an enormously wonderful time with Betsy in Arizona!)
I am now bold in my purchase of other poor and tattered fans (because I fall in love with the sticks, the painting, or even an exceptional rivet) as I proceed with the confidence of knowing that Betsy is there.
Very Best Regards, Sherry